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With the exception of painted pottery, the majority of good ancient Greek paintings have vanished, making sculpture the most prevalent form of surviving ancient Greek art. Three primary periods of monumental metal and stone sculpture are recognized by contemporary scholarship: the Archaic (dating from around 650 to 480 BC), the Classical (480-323) and the Hellenistic. There were numerous Greek terracotta figurines and miniature sculptures made of metal and other materials throughout history.


The human form was deemed to be the most significant topic for creative endeavor by the Greeks very early on. There was little separation between holy and secular in art because people saw their gods as taking on human form; the human body was both secular and sacred. The treatment of an Apollo or Heracles male nude and an Olympic boxing champion from that year differed only slightly. The statue, which was first solitary but frequently in groups during the Hellenistic period, was the predominant type, while reliefs, which were frequently so “high” that they were virtually free-standing, were also significant.

The brilliant hues that were formerly painted on ancient Greek statues have now faded, leaving them to seem white. Throughout classical literature, there are allusions to painted statues. One such example is in Euripides’ Helen, where the title character laments, “If only I could lose my beauty and adopt an ugly aspect/The way you would wipe color off a statue.” Archaeologists can recreate what certain well-preserved sculptures would have looked like in their original hue since they still show signs of that coloration.

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