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Guava is a tropical fruit rich in nutrients. With its unique aroma, flavor and qualities to strengthen health, the fruit can easily fit into the category of new functional foods is often labelled as a “super fruit.”

It is an evergreen tropical shrub or small tree undersized probably occurred in the central part of North and South America. Guava actually thrive in dry and wet weather conditions and can tolerate short periods of cold spells, but can withstand a few degrees of frost. Adaptability to varying environments makes it a favorite commercial crop in some tropical areas.


Guava contains 4 times the amount of vitamin C present in oranges. Vitamin C helps to improve the immune system and protect against common infections and pathogens.

During each season, the guava tree produces numerous round, ovoid or pear fruit, each about 5-10 inches long and weigh about 50-200 grams. Various different types of guava grown throughout the world, which can vary widely in flavor, color, pulp and seeds.

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