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Gymnastics is an elegant and artistic sport that requires a combination of strength, balance, agility, and muscle coordination, and is usually performed with specialized equipment. Gymnasts perform a series of movements that require flexibility, endurance, and kinesthetic awareness, such as handsprings, handstands, split leaps, aerials, and cartwheel.

The gymnastics we know date back to ancient Greece. Early Greeks practiced gymnastics to prepare for the war. Activities such as jumping, running, discus, wrestling and boxing helped develop the muscles needed for hand-to-hand fights. The ancient Greeks used additional fitness practices included methods for mounting and dismounting a horses and various circus performance skills.

Gymnastics has become a central element of ancient Greek education and was mandatory for all students. With its open-air courts, the gymnasium has evolved into a school of gymnastics, rhetoric, music, and math. The Reaper Olympics was born around this time.

With the rise of the Roman Empire, Greek gymnastics has more or less turned into military training. In 393 BC, Theodosius completely abolished the Olympics. The game has decayed, and gymnastics has declined along with other sports. For centuries, gymnastics has been almost forgotten.


In the late 18th and early 19th centuries, two pioneering gymnasts, Johann Friedrich Gutsmoos and Friedrich Ludwigjan practised with several instruments designed by boys and young people. This innovation ultimately created what is considered modern gymnastics. As a result, Friedrich Jahn became known as the “father of gymnastics.” Jahn introduced horizontal bars, parallel bars, side horses with pommels, balance beams, ladders, and jumping horses.

In the early 19th century, US educators followed suit and adopted German and Swedish gymnastics training programs. By the early 20th century, armed organizations had begun issuing drill manuals featuring all kinds of gymnastics. According to the United States Army Physics Training Manual, these essential training provided adequate guidance to active young men’s remains.

However, military operations shifted away from direct combat and into fighters and modern computer-controlled weapons over time. As a result of contemporary warfare development, gymnastics training as a vital mind-body connection to the educational traditions of Greece, Germany and Sweden has begun to lose power. Gymnastics has once again gained the aura of competitive sports.

By the end of the 19th century, men’s gymnastics were popular enough to be included in the first modern Olympics, held in 1896.

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