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An electromechanical device that blasts ambient or hot air over damp hair to accelerate the evaporation of water and dry the hair is known as a hair drier, hairdryer, or blow dryer. By accelerating and regulating the creation of temporary hydrogen bonds inside each strand, blow dryers give you more control over the shape and style of your hair. These connections are strong (allowing for more hair shaping than sulphur bonds generated by permanent waving treatments), but they are just transient and very susceptible to dampness. They vanish after a single hair wash.

Blow-dried hairstyles generally have volume and discipline, which may be enhanced by utilising styling products, hairbrushes, and combs to create tension, hold, and lift during drying.

Blow dryers were first introduced in the late 1800s. Alexander F. Godefroy constructed the first stationary model at his salon in France. In 1920, the first portable hair dryer was introduced. Professional stylists use blow dryers in beauty salons, and consumers use them at home.

Electric heating coils and a fan are included in most hair dryers (usually powered by a universal motor). In most dryers, the heating element is a bare, coiled nichrome wire wrapped around mica insulators. Because it is a poor conductor of electricity and does not oxidise when heated, nichrome is utilised.

Because of their “immediate heat” capabilities, most hair dryers included ceramic heating components (like ceramic heaters) according to a 2007 retail study. This implies that the dryers will heat up faster and the hair will dry faster.


Many of these dryers include “normal mode” buttons that, when pushed, turn off the heater and blast room-temperature air. By establishing the hairdo, this feature aids in its maintenance. The cooler air helps to decrease frizz and enhance shine in the hair.

Many have “ionic” operation to minimise static charge build-up in the hair, however the effectiveness of ionic technology is debatable. According to the manufacturers, the hair is said to be “smoother” as a result of this. According to some stylists, Ionic technology is one of the most significant advancements in the beauty business.

Attachments such as diffusers, airflow concentrators, and comb nozzles are available for hair dryers.

A diffuser is a hair accessory used on fine, coloured, permed, or naturally curly hair. It diffuses the air jet, preventing the hair from being blown around while it dries. Hair dries at a slower rate, at a lower temperature, and with less physical disruption. The hair is less likely to frizz and has more volume as a result of this treatment.

The opposite of a diffuser is an airflow concentrator. It narrows the end of the blow dryer, concentrating the heat in one place and allowing it to dry faster.

The comb nozzle attachment is similar to the airflow concentrator, but it has comb-like teeth at the end, allowing the user to dry their hair without using a brush or comb.
Hair dryers have been touted as an excellent head lice and earwax preventive therapy.

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