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Have you ever wondered why when you go to your haircut, it seems that the hairdresser never cuts your hair the same way every time? If this happened to you more often than not, then let me explain.

There are many things to consider; One of them, every time you visit the same stylist? Are you a new customer? Do you get regular haircut? What is the weather outside, hot, wet, cold, wet or dry? Has your hair stylist been more creative since last time? Does your hairdresser have a good memory? Do you explain your hair in the correct terms? Is the stylist fully understands what you want?

The easiest way to explain is this to explain how hair grows first. Hair grows by about 1/2 “per month, and the hair does not grow evenly over the head, some parts of the head grow faster than others, and hair in some areas of the head is thinner and thinner than in others.

What does all this mean when it comes to haircut? Well … let’s say you cut your hair every 4 weeks, and then you are busy and didn’t go again till 7 weeks. Your hair grew out an extra 3 weeks, and the shape of your hair has changed a lot, depending on how fast your hair grows. Every week you go longer than at the previous appointment, making it difficult to find previous lines of hair. Moreover, if you go to a new stylist, you have only been a few times, you may not remember either you or your haircut, so it’s very important to be able to find these lines.

Weather can also affect this too. If you go out and it’s cold outside, and the next time you leave, it’s humid, then your haircut may look different. It may look shorter or longer than usual, or the texture may look different. Therefore, when the stylist is going to have a haircut, their creative look sees something different and may slightly cut your hair to adapt to accommodate the change.


What about a stylist? If your stylist has a good memory, you may need several times to have your hair remember you and your hairstyles. Is this a bad thing? No, just make sure you explain it the same way every time when you are not sure that they remember your hairstyle, or have them take a few pictures with your phone to help you remember.

How about your stylist who is more creative? Perhaps your stylist went to a new class for haircuts and learned a new technique. Based on what your hair is doing on that day, the stylist may decide to use one of these methods. If this technique worked for your hair, do not forget to tell them about it the next time. They may not remember that they did this last time, and if your hair does something different than it was before they did not remember themselves.

The ability to explain what you want is in the right terms. Suppose you have trouble finding the words to describe what you want. Please do not use terms that you are not sure of, or you really do not describe what you are looking for. This can cause huge confusion, and you can get what you do not need. There are better ways to get what you are looking for. Photographing is one way if you find a lot of photos, but you only like one thing on each photo, which is fine. (For example: you like bangs in this photo, but the layers on the other and are highlighted on the other) This helps your stylist extraordinary!

Stylists are creative beings, so they do not act as robots. Their creative view does not allow them to see the same thing every time. They need your help to create the perfect look for you.

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