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Hammer used by many home owners in their home & office, so they should have one in their possession. Maybe you are someone who, do carpentry, but it should not prevent you from having one because it is a very useful tool in the home. It is used in simple repairs around the house to sink sticking nails to stay down on the place.

Many people have never stopped to consider what types of hammers there are, but these are some of them.

1. Claw – It is the most popular of all the hammers, as it can be found in almost all households and is used for various tasks, mainly to grip the nail head and the work continues. Its name comes from the shape of its head, which looks like a nail, but it is V-shaped. The handle is made of wood or fiberglass, but it may also be a rubber.


2. Sledge – The heaviest of the hammers, as well as a very large, with a long handle. All construction sites have this type of hammer for such a hard work. This hammer is so heavy that it must be supported by both hands during use.

3. Mallets – It is easy to use, such as tapping chisels or for wood joints, not to mention other types of lighter work. It is commonly used instead of metal Hammer, you do not want to put pressure, which end up damages the surface of the item that you are working on.

4. Nailers – They are able to drive the nails automatically by the electrical functions without a person to use any effort at all.

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