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A handbag, commonly known as a purse in North American English, is a medium to large-sized bag used to carry personal items. The term “purse” originally referred to a small bag for holding coins. In many English-speaking countries it is still used to refer to a small money bag. A handbag is a more over sized accessory that holds objects beyond currency, stores non-currency items such as personal items. In American English, the terms purse and handbag are used interchangeably. The term handbag began to appear in the early 1900s. Initially, it was most often used to refer to men’s carry-on luggage. During this period, women’s handbags became more extensive and complex, and the term was assigned to an accessory. A pocket book is another term for a most commonly used handbag on the east coast of the United States in the mid-twentieth century.

Early modern Europeans carried purses for only one purpose: to carry coins with them. Handbags were made of soft fabric or leather and were worn by men as often as women; The Scottish sporran survives this custom. In the 17th century, young girls were taught embroidery as a necessary skill for marriage; this also helped them make beautiful bags. Towards the end of the 18th century, fashion in Europe was moving towards the slim shapes of these accessories, inspired by the silhouettes of Ancient Greece and Rome. Women wanted women’s purses not to be bulky or uneven in appearance, so reticules were designed. Reticules were designed of delicate fabrics such as silk and velvet, with wrist straps. The first popular in France was Britain, where they became known as “indispensable materials”. However, men did not accept this trend. They used purses and pockets that became popular in men’s trousers.

The stylish purse, clutch, pouch or handbag came about in England during the Industrial Revolution due to the increase in rail travel. In 1841, Doncaster entrepreneur and confectionery entrepreneur Samuel Parkinson (of butterscotch fame) ordered travel suitcases and trunks. They insisted on a travel suitcase or bag for his wife’s particulars after noticing that her bag was too small and made from material that would not withstand the journey. He stipulated that he needed different bags for his wife, different sizes for different occasions, and asked that they be made from the same leather used for his trunks and suitcases to distinguish them from the familiar carpetbag and other travellers’ cloth bags used by members of popular classes. H.J. Cave (London) commissioned and produced the first modern set of luxury handbags as we know them today, including clutch and total (so-called “women’s travel suitcase“).


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