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Most men carry handkerchiefs in their pockets. These items are very handy when it comes to wiping dripping noses and dripping sweat. Having a small square piece of cloth in one’s possession prevent a person to look for some kind of tissue to wipe off the effluent. Besides water, they are also very useful for backpackers and trekkers when they walk under the sunlight to wipe the dirt and sweep their faces.

Handkerchief are also more economical to use best cotton fabrics which is comfortable, soft and light weight to carry. While tissues simply rush after each use and will only be added to the garbage or trash, the hankies are reusable ones. They can be washed and dried to be ready for reuse. The use of handkerchiefs is a great advantage for nature and the environment, especially for trees. Trees are loosing their numbers, because there is an growing number of manufacturers of paper products.

There are people who believe that using hanky is unhygienic. However, sanitation and hygiene depend on the user itself. In fact, you can avoid bulging your nose in the same dirty place, where there is plenty of room to accommodate one’s hygiene needs. In addition, after each use, you can use a disinfectant. This is somehow the same with the use of tissues, except that the tissues are disposable. Of course, every day in your pocket you need to keep fresh to prevent the spread of germs.

It’s nice to buy at least ten handkerchiefs so that you can be sure that there will always be a new piece of cloth in your pocket that will be carry on a regular basis. When it comes to choosing colors, it is best to use a simple white handkerchief so that it can be easily determine the clean one from the soiled one. However, there are some stylish white hankies that you can choose from.

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