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Birthday is a special day in everyone’s life. Every year we are waiting for this day. On your birthday you are the most VIP-person in the world. Anyone who knows you or through any social networks, calls you or texts that you wish you for good health. And you also have many plans for your birthday, among which the party is the list topper.

Why We Celebrate Birthdays?

Birthday changed the life of each person. According to ancient beliefs, evil spirits usually harm a person whose birthday it is. On this day his friend’s family remains close and celebrates. They try to prevent bad souls from getting close to a person. Their good wishes helped to keep the evil spirit in the bay. Glowing candles are a way to send a message or prayer to God who living in the sky heaven.

Why We Decorate Everything with Birthday Balloons ?


Balloons offer a unique combination of functions that make them ideal for partying. The balloons were first introduced by the world famous rubber manufacturer Thomas Hancock.

  • Balloons can fill quickly and efficiently and transform a huge space. Consider alternatives, such as flowers. Balloons can be transported and be stored more easily in small containers, and yet, when they are inflated, they fill a little more space.
  • Because of their size and impact, they generate very little waste at the end of the event. As soon as they pop out, the balloons take up as much space as they were before they were inflated. And as a natural product, latex balloons can be composted, so the impact on the environment is even less.
  • The assortment of colors, sizes and shapes of balloons allows them to match almost every holiday and theme.

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