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Vijayadasami (a.k.a Dussehra, Dasara) is a festival celebrated all over India. The festival falls on the tenth day of the bright half (waxing moon) in the Hindu month of Aswiyuja. The festivities last 10 days, and Dussehra is the culmination of the festival. It is also called Navaratri. In principle, the legend, like in most festivals, is to win over the Good. This is also considered a good reason to start new businesses in each area.

The festival of Navaratri ends with Vijayadasami. This is the victory of the Goddess Durga, also known as Mahishasura Mardin, who defeated the buffalo demon Mahishasura. It is believed that this event occurred near today’s Mysore in Karnataka.

But in the north of India, a 10-day festival in honor of the victory of Lord Rama, Prince Ayodhya over Ravana, King of Lanka. Ravana abducted Sita, Rama’s wife and held her captive in Lanka. Lord Ram with the help of Hanuman, Sugreeva the monkey king Kishkindha, builds a bridge over the sea and travels to Lanka and kills Ravan in battle and take Sita back with him.


There is another legend associated with this festival. It is in the Mahabharata. After losing the game of dice, the Pandavas were banished by the Kauravas for 12 years. During this period they lived in the forest. There was the stipulation that during this period they remain incognito, and if they were found, they should spend another 12 years in the forest. By this time, in order not to be exposed, they had to abandon their divine and powerful weapons. They hid their weapons in a “tree” near their residence. At the end of each year they reached the “Shami” tree and found their weaponry untouched, worshipped the tree and Goddess Durga, the presiding deity.

On the day of Vijayadasami, people worship their weapons, as this was the most auspicious day for this. Machines, engines and tools use people to carry out their respective trades and occupations are worshipped, as they provide a livelihood and provide prosperity to people and society. On this day, the vehicles are colorfully decorated, and people wear new clothes and greetings. It is the time of exchanges gifts. Enterprises and businesses announce a bonus to their employees during Dasarra.

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