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The holiday season can be stressful in the best of circumstances, but in difficult times, making happy holidays can seem even more difficult. In times of hardship and loss, we need a spiritual lift that the holidays can give us more than ever before. A new science of happiness can help by identifying what makes us truly happy and what, in our opinion, will make us happy and which are not.

The good news about difficult economic times is that studies have consistently shown that money does not make us happy. As soon as people have enough money to satisfy their basic needs for food and housing, they receive the same level of happiness and satisfaction with life in general, regardless of how much money they have. So, if your wallet is a little thinner, take courage. You can be just as happy to spend less on holidays.

There is more good news. What constantly makes us happy is a rich social network of friends and family, appreciation and gratitude for what we have, practice virtue and do things that interest and attract our full attention. Fortunately, the spirit of the holiday is all about family and friends, gratitude, gratitude, virtue, and joy!

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Here are five practical steps you can take, based on scientific research, to make you happier during the holiday season, in difficult and good times.

1. Reset Expectations

A lot of stress and anxiety during the holiday season is due to unrealistic expectations. These unrealistic expectations are often easy to spot when we take the time to look at them. For example, when our thinking includes a lot of shoulds, this is often a sign of unrealistically high expectations. There are many ways to understand and relieve our expectations. Many people find writing their thoughts in a journal is helpful. Some use focused imagery or focused meditation, and some people communicate with their thoughts while talking to a friend.


2. Focus on People, not Things

Study after study shows that people are social animals and feel better when they have a very positive interaction with others. However, during the holidays it is easy to get caught up in the presents and busy schedules, as well as forget about spending time with loved ones. Do not forget to spend time with people during the holidays. Communicate with others, showing genuine interest in them or appreciating them with a compliment. Even if you turn to others only with a smile, you can improve your well-being.

3. Be Good and Do Good

Science shows us that virtue is indeed our reward. When we are kind, forgiving, wise, or appreciate beauty, we feel better. We are often romantically attracted to other people whom we consider to be good or virtuous. Scientists have identified 24 virtues that are universal for all major religions and cultures, and studies have shown that the practice of any of them gives us an emotional charge. In this season of love and sunshine, what could be better to improve your holiday season than to be good and do good to others?

4. Have Fun, Find Flow

People describe their peak experiences as being in an area completely absorbed in what they are doing. It turns out that we all have a similar experience when we do what we do well, which challenges us and gives us clear feedback. Scientists call this state flow. Many people find the flow by playing games. The game score provides instant feedback on the challenge and exhilaration of mastery. So instead of exchanging gifts, play games or sing songs. You will be happier about it.

5. Express Gratitude/Appreciation

Many scientists and philosophers believe that appreciation and gratitude are the best ways to happiness. One way to increase your appreciation is to list everything you are thankful for. Force yourself to list 100 things. Or discover at least ten things every day for which you are grateful or proud of. Start a gratitude jar and add one more thing to be grateful for every day.

You can have a Happy Holidays in difficult times, and efforts can turn tough times around.

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