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The reason behind the popularity of harmonica is that it is small, portable, inexpensive, and can provide music quickly. There are three main types of harmonica-diatonic harmonica, chromatic harmonica, and tremolo harmonica. The most common of all three types are whole tone harmonica. The 10-hole diatonic harmonica is the simplest of all harmonica. Many consider this small, durable harmonica to be the best harmonica for beginners. In fact, it is considered suitable for all musical styles, including blues, country, rock, hymns, gospel, folk, spiritual, and classical music. Delivers soulful, bluesy tones with the power to attract millions of ears.

Why diatonic is considered the best harmonica for beginners

The diatonic harmonica is perfect for beginners because it is easier to learn than the other two kinds. Most music teachers prefer to teach harmonica to students with the basic ten-hole whole sound to ensure success.

Because the diatonic harmonica focuses on playing with one key, you can play with multiple keys, making it easy to play and perfect for beginners. In music, there are about 12 basic keys. Beginners are advised to play harmonica with the C key, like playing all the white sounds of a piano.

Learning how to play “cross harp” is important for anyone looking to play harmonica in the blues style. In other words, it means that Bb or F harmonica is used when the band is playing in C. Thus, A and D are the most useful harps for beginners, as they allow beginners to “cross the harp” with the guitarist’s favorite keys.

Understand the different types and choose the best harmonica

On the market, various harmonica such as Special 20, Marine brand, Blues harp, and Golden melody are provided by famous companies such as Hohner, Lee Oskar, and Susuki. The basic difference between the different types of harmonica is that Golden Melody and Special 20 have plastic combs, while Blues Harp and Marine Brand have wooden combs. The comb is an important part of the harmonica separating the holes. The plastic comb makes cleaning easier and prevents warping and wearing out due to moisture.

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