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Harmonium is a musical instrument similar to a reed organ and pipe organ and is a standalone musical keyboard. Composed of free reeds, the note is generated by the air blown through the reeds, which produces a sound similar to that of an accordion. Air is supplied by the hand-operated bellows and is alternately depressed by the player.

Harmonium Popularity Around the World

The harmonium is part of the family of free-reed aerophones. The harmonium resembles a pipe organ. The size is rectangular with a key at the top. Each harmonium has bellows at the back that is pumped with one hand, and the key is played with the other hand. There are several compartments inside. Each compartment has a different pitch. The size of each track in the bank generates a separate step. Engaging stops sends the air sent to the various compartments. Each playing key and each Drone controls the air passing through the reeds in the compartment. When drones are engaged, they provide a lasting note of harmonium and are played in unison with the keyboard.

It was popular in churches and chapels where pipe organs were too large or too expensive to use. Harmoniums were also preferred by large European colonies during this period because it was lighter than a piano with a small size and less likely to be damaged during transport, simply because it was easy to deliver the instrument where it was needed. It was also easy to transport it across the sea to areas where there were no suitable roads or railways.


The British introduced harmonium to India during the ruling period. This instrument becomes very popular. It was portable, reliable, and easy to carry. Its popularity has grown to this day, and harmonium is now an essential instrument for many types of Indian music. Often found in Indian homes. Derived from a project developed in France, India has developed harmoniums in a unique way, such as stopping drones and adding staircase change mechanisms. Widespread usage is practiced by practitioners of different faiths who use it in a devotional singing of prayers song called Bhajan (Hinduism religion) or Kirtan (Sikhism​ religion).

There is at least one harmonium in every Mandir (Hindu temple) in the world. The harmonium is usually accompanied by a drum called the tabla or mridanga. Many devotees of Krishna learn this instrument and provide services while singing and playing beautiful music in the worship of kirtan services and ceremonies at the temples.

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