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A harp is a musical instrument that has many strings in which the strings of this instrument are perpendicularly positioned to its soundboard. There are different types of harps, and they also have different characteristics, but they all have mostly neck, strings and resonator. There is one that is called a frame harp, which has a pillar, and those that do not have pillars, known as the open harp. This musical instrument is also available in various sizes, which also vary depending on how one can play it.

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One specific example of a small harp is the famous Celtic harp, also called a lever harp, folk harp or even an Irish harp. Lever harps are so called because the levers are used as a mechanism for changing keys. These levers are attached to the harp and pressed to the strings, so they will become shorter and also lead to the sharpening of the string. These Celtic harps are commonly used for training before advancing to a Concert Harp, However; they are also a very beautiful instrument that can be played and used by professional harpists from around the world.


Harps are mostly triangular and made mostly of wood. The strings are made of gut or wire, often replaced today with nylon or metal. The top end of each pillar is attached to a crossbar or neck, where each will have a tuning peg or similar device for adjusting the pitch. From the crossbar, the string runs down into the sounding board of the resonating body, where it is secured with a knot; In modern harps, the hole in the string is protected by a hole to limit the wear of the wood. The body is hollow, and when the string is plucked, the body resonates, projecting sounds.

On harps of earlier design string can play only one single note without retuning. In many cases, this means that such a harp can only play with one key at a time and must be manually retuned to play with another key. Various tools are being developed for this restriction and adding additional lines to cover chromatic notes (sometimes in separate or angular rows, different from the main line of lines), adding small levers on the crossbar. When actuated raised, increase the pitch of a string; at the base of the instrument, which changes the pitch of the string when pressed with the foot. These solutions increase harp flexibility by adding complexity, weight, and cost.

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