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Hash browns or hashed browns are a popular and simple American breakfast dish in which potatoes are pan-fried after being grated, diced, julienned, or sliced, to the way of a Swiss Rösti. Hash browns began appearing on breakfast menus in New York in the 1890s, and in some areas (for example, southeast Michigan), hash browns can be listed on restaurant menus like homemade fries. In some cultures, hash browns or hashed browns may refer to any of these preparations, while they may refer to a specific preparation in others. Hash browns are a staple food for breakfast in North America, where they are often fried on a large hob or grill.

In some areas of the United States, hash browns strictly refer to hash or sliced ​​potatoes and are considered a breakfast food. While diced or cubed and pan-fried potatoes are also a side dish called hash browns or homemade fries (although many variations of homemade fries are pre-cooked before frying). Some recipes add diced or chopped onions.

Hash browns are a popular mass product sold in refrigerated, frozen, and dehydrated forms.


Initially, the full name of the dish was “hashed brown potatoes” (or “hash browns”), the first known mention of which was by the author of American cuisine Maria Parloa (1843-1909) in her 1887 Kitchen Companion. She describes the dish of “hash browns and hash browns” as a fried mixture of cold boiled potatoes folded “like an omelet” before serving. The name was gradually shortened to “hash browns.”

The word “hashing” is derived from the French word “hacher,” which means to hack or chop. It means hashed browned potatoes translate to “chopped and fried potatoes.”

A chef can prepare hash browns by turning diced potatoes into patties before frying with onions (humidity and potato starch can keep them together); however, if a binder is added (e.g., egg or oil), such a preparation constitutes a potato pancake. Frozen hash browns are sometimes turned into patties for easier handling, and the compact, the flat shape can also be baked in an oven or toaster. If a hash brown potato dish contains minced meat, leftovers, or other vegetables, it’s more commonly known as minced meat.

Hash browns are also made as dehydrated food, which is sometimes used by backpackers.

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