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Whether you plan to use it for a home phone or cell phone or plan to implement it as new equipment in your business, having the right hands-free headset can make conversation on the phone or teleconference easier. Unfortunately, with a multitude of options that can or may suit your specific needs, it can be difficult to choose the headset that will best suit your specific situation. In order to make sure you are buying the closest headset to what you need, try to keep the following features in mind and base your decision on the features that will best suit your needs and help you get the most out of it — best of the headset you choose.

Hands-free Operation

One of the main advantages of a headset is the possibility of using it instead of a telephone receiver or microphone and the speakers of a computer or standard telephone. However, different headsets offer different levels of hands-free operation; while some can be answered simply by saying a command defined in the boom microphone, others require pressing a button or connecting the call by answering the phone manually or by starting the headset on the computer. To help you get the most out of the headset you choose, take the time to look for headsets that offer the desired level of hands-free operation before making a purchase decision.

Bluetooth Capability

Bluetooth wireless has changed the way wireless accessories work for phones, computers, and other electronic equipment; devices that use Bluetooth can switch between devices without the need to install drivers or other software on any of the devices. Bluetooth headsets can allow quick switching of your headphones from one device to another and, depending on their use, can have a variety of styles and features. With Bluetooth, it can be simple to matter from a computer or relay system to phone and back again so long as all the devices involved are Bluetooth compatible.


The main concerns when finding a headset for personal or professional use should be the ease of use of the headset and the implications of moving the headset from one device to another or using the headset with one portable device. Taking the time to compare headsets against each other can help you determine whether a wired or wireless headset would best suit your needs, as well as the ease with which you or others can adapt to the characteristics of a particular design of the headset.

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