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Helicopters are classified as a rotary wing aircraft, its rotary wing is commonly referred to as the main rotor. Unlike most aircraft with a fixed wing, sport biplane or an airliner, the helicopter is able to do vertical take-off and landing; it can be hover into a fixed position. These characteristics make it ideal for use where space is limited or where the ability of the hover on the exact size needed.

Helicopters usually have one main rotor and a smaller rotor tail, which counters the torque effect, stopping the helicopter from spinning in the opposite direction.

Helicopters have a number of limitations. They can be noisy, they vibrate a lot and are not as fast as fixed wing aircraft. Most helicopters have two rotors, one on the top and one on the tail.


Currently, helicopters are used to dust crops, apply on pesticides area, access to remote areas of the working environment, provide supplies to workers on remote maritime oil rigs, take photographs, cinema films, rescuing people. Moreover, they have numerous intelligence and military applications.

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