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Heron, any of about 60 species of long-haired species classified in the Ardeidae family (order Ciconiiformes), and usually include several species, commonly called egrets. Ardeidae also includes bitterns (subfamily Botaurinae). Herons are widespread in the world but are most often found in the tropics. They usually feed when they quietly walk in the shallow waters of pools, swamps, and swamps, catch frogs, fish, and other aquatic animals. They nest on rough platforms of sticks built in bushes or trees by the water; Nests are usually grouped in colonies called heronries.

Usually, herons stand with a neck bent in an S-shape. They fly with open legs, and the head sticks to the body and does not straighten the neck in front, as most birds do. They have wide wings, long straight lines with sharp-pointed protrusions, and dusty falls; the latter are plumes of feathers that continuously decompose to a fine powder, which is used for preliminary cleaning (absorption and removal of fish oil, dirt, and mucus from the plumage).


Herons are divided into typical herons, night herons, and tiger herons. Typical herons feed during the day. During the breeding season, some develop impressive pluses and participate in complex mutual courtship. The most famous of the typical herons are very large, long-legged and long-legged, one-legged scallops from the genus Ardea – especially the large blue heron 130 cm from North America with a wingspan of 1.8 meters or more and a similar, but slightly smaller gray or ordinary heron, widespread in the Old World. The largest of them is the African heron Goliath, a 150-centimeter (59-inch) bird with a reddish head and neck.

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