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High-heel shoes can have an amazing effect on women and can fill them with pleasure and excitement when buying them at Prada. In particular, shoes are the subject of controversial and heated discussions. No other shoes would indicate sexuality and sophistication as much as high-heeled shoes. Many women dream that their closets should be full of shoes, but in fact, they just pay attention to the fact that shoes can become one of the oldest inventions of our ancestors.

Heels are not a modern invention. Rather, they enjoy a rich and diverse history, for both men and women. A contradiction existed when high heels were first invented, but it is unanimous that men and women all over the world have worn heels for centuries.

Most of the lower class in ancient Egypt walked barefoot, but the frescoed figures date back to 3,500 BC. Depict an early version of shoes worn mainly by the upper classes. In ancient Greece and Rome, platform sandals called kothorni, later known as the buskins in the Renaissance, were high wooden or cork soled shoes that were popular, especially among actors who wore shoes of different heights indicating different social status or the importance of the characters.

Around 1500, the European nobility developed heels as a separate part of their shoes, primarily as a means to help keep their legs in stirrups. Wearing heels by men quickly became the norm in fashion, especially in the courts, and this practice spawned the term “good in heels” as a reference to those who could afford more expensive shoes.


Modern European fashion for high heels comes from the Italian style of “chapiney” or “chopine”: mounted shoes on a 15 to 42 cm high cylinder. In 1430 chopines were prohibited. In 1430, chopines were forbidden in Venice, but nothing could stop the trend. The invention of high heels is attributed to Catherine of Medici in Paris in the 16th century, which used them because of her short stature and soon brought them into fashion among the European aristocracy. At the age of 14, Catherine de Medici was engaged to the powerful Duke of Orleans, later King of France.

In the 17th century, the English parliament imposed witches on all women who used high heels to seduce men into marrying with them. In his biography, the famous Giovanni Casanova declared her love for high heels, which raised women’s hoop skirts, thereby showing their legs.

In 1791, the “Louis” high heels disappeared with the revolution, and Napoleon banished high heels in an attempt to show equality. Despite the Napoleonic Code against high heels, in 1793, Marie Antoinette went to the scaffold to be executed wearing two-inch heels.

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