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Holo is a cryptocurrency that powers the Holochain cloud hosting market for decentralised apps. Holo is the main decentralised cloud computing programme built on Holochain, which was created on February 16, 2018 by Arthur Brock and Eric Harris-Braun and is based in Gibraltar.

Holo is a platform that allows users to host (and utilise) decentralised apps (dApps) on their computers while also allowing them to establish their own hosting rates and priority. Holo offers the required crypto-accounting infrastructure audits utilising double entry accounting with many cryptographic assurance and notarization levels, while users hosting dApps supply their hosting services.

Peers verify all transactions between Holo users (application providers and hosts) using a sharded distributed hash table (DHT). As the sharded distribution hash table (DHT) on the Holo network increases, the transaction burden on each node decreases. Full Holo nodes work on low-power PCs and mobile devices and do not require mining or specialised processing. Each node has its blockchain that functions with its cryptographic keys. Every transaction on the Holo platform generates an invoice using the Proof-of-Service (PoS) protocol.

The Holo green paper claims this. This Holo can outperform large financial value exchange services like the Visa network, with a maximum transaction rate of 56,0000 transactions per second.


In recent years, blockchain and blockchain-based products have grown in popularity and become more well recognised. This has sparked interest in new decentralised possibilities for currencies, online apps, data ownership, and community governance. Although some early implementations have proven to be beneficial, existing designs have impeded large-scale applications. Even if its huge inefficiencies and scalability challenges are widely known, the concentration on the unique design of blockchain has resulted in a type of tunnel vision.

Blockchain presently uses more than 0.1 percent of global electricity to power less than 0.0001% of global finance in the form of crypto-tokens with wildly changing, speculative value and no inherent redeemability. Some proponents argue that the value of a cryptocurrency is determined by how much energy it consumes to operate. We offer an alternate way to attain enormous scales even with low-powered computing devices, rather than requiring specialist processors for massive computation for mining.

This paper is divided into three pieces. Following a brief overview of the underlying technology on which Holo is based, the first part delves into the design restrictions and concerns that govern the cryptocurrency’s architectural features. The second portion delves into the specifics and dynamics of money. The third part outlines security concerns and how they are addressed, as well as security issues that remain unsolved and recommendations on how to reduce risks.

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