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The horn sign is a hand gesture with different meanings and uses in different cultures. It is formed by extending the index and little fingers, while the middle and ring fingers are held down with the thumb.

The “horn sign” hand gesture is used in criminal gang subcultures to indicate membership or membership in Mara Salvatrucha. The meaning is both in the likeness of an inverted “devil’s horn” with the Latin letter “M”, and in the broader demonic nuance of anger and inconsistency.

In Hinduism, such a hand gesture – with the tips of the middle and ring fingers touching the thumb – is known as Apāna Mudrā, a yogic gesture that is believed to rejuvenate the body. In the forms of Indian classical dance, it symbolizes the lion. In Buddhism, Karana Mudra is seen as an apotropaic gesture for casting out demons, removing negative energy, and driving away evil. It is often found in images of Gautama Buddha. It is also found on the statue of the Song dynasty in Laozi, the founder of Taoism, on Mount Qingyuan, China.


The apotropaic use of the sign can also be observed in Italy and other Mediterranean cultures, where when faced with unfortunate events or simply when these events are mentioned, the horn sign can be given to prevent bad luck later. It is also traditionally used to counteract or repel the “evil eye” (malokio in Italian). In Italy, in particular, the gesture is known as the horn (“horns”). Fingers down, this is a common Mediterranean apotropaic gesture by which people seek protection in emergencies (the Mediterranean equivalent of knocking on wood). The President of the Italian Republic, Giovanni Leone, shocked the media when, while in Naples, during a cholera outbreak, he shook hands with patients with one hand while superstitiously making one cornea with the other on his back, probably to prevent the disease or in response to such a misfortune. This act was well documented by journalists and photographers who were right behind him, which had escaped the mind of President Leone at the time.

In Italy and other parts of the Mediterranean region, the gesture should usually be performed with the fingers tilted down to mark the warding off of bad luck; In the same region and elsewhere, the gesture can take on a different, offensive and offensive meaning if it is done with the fingers up or if it is aggressively directed at someone with a rotating motion (see section below). In Italy, you can “touch the iron” (tiro ferro) or touch your nose to protect yourself from bad luck. Men in Italy can also grab their testicles when they face bad luck; however, this is considered more vulgar.

In Peru, it is said contra against. In the Dominican Republic, the term is zafa, spoken against the curses known as fuku. All these gestures are designed to evoke supernatural defenses.

The horn sign is used during Wicca religious rituals to invoke or represent the Horned God.

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