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Hospitality is a connection between a guest and a host. The host extends some level of kindness to the guest, including the welcome and entertaining of guests, visitors, and strangers. In the Encyclopédie, Louis, chevalier de Jaucourt defines hospitality as the virtue of a noble soul who cares for the entire universe via human relationships. Hospitality also refers to how individuals treat others, such as the service of greeting and welcoming visitors at hotels. Hospitality has a critical influence in increasing or decreasing a company’s sales volume.

Hospitality ethics is a branch of ethics that investigates how people use hospitality.

In ancient societies, hospitality meant greeting strangers and providing them with food, shelter, and protection.

Hospitality was a right in Ancient Greece, and the host was required to ensure that his visitors’ requirements were satisfied. The guest, on the other hand, was required to follow a clear set of rules. This ritualized guest-friendship relationship was described by the ancient Greek word xenia, or theoxenia, when a god was involved. The Homeric epics, particularly the Odyssey, formalized this ritualized connection. The capacity to follow the laws of hospitality indicated nobility and social status in Greek culture. Since Homer’s time, the ancient Greeks thought that Hestia, one of the original six Olympians, was the goddess of hospitality and hearth.


The idea of Atithi Devo Bhava, which means “the guest is God,” defines hospitality in India and Nepal. This idea is demonstrated in several legends in which a guest is revealed to be a God who rewards the hospitality provider. The Indian or Nepalese tradition of being courteous to guests at home and in other social situations originates. The Tirukkua, an ancient Indian treatise on ethics and morals, devotes a distinct chapter to explaining hospitality ethics in sections 81 through 90.

Hospitality is a virtue in Christianity, and it is a reminder of sympathy for outsiders and a rule to welcome visitors. This is a virtue that may be found in the Old Testament, as evidenced by the ritual of guests’ feet being washed or the kiss of peace. In the New Testament, Jesus teaches it. Those who had welcomed a stranger, Jesus replied, had also welcomed him. Some Western countries have established a Bible-based host culture for immigrants.

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