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Do you want to sail in the blue sky? Then the hot air ballooning is for you. Nothing compares to being on the ground and relying on time to move you forward and as in the case of sailing, learning how to rely on the weather’s whims is the basis of hot air ballooning. This fact represents a large percentage of the adventure activity factor. For other people, this is why this feat is a great adventure.

1.No frills, all thrills

Without training, without skills, without equipment, just an eager beaver, ready to conquer the sky. This is what a hot air ballooning requires the most. Everyone can enjoy this activity, which is advisable for the whole family. You do not need to have flying skills or hire expensive personal accessories. The most serious training you will receive is a 30-minute safety instruction, and you are off!

2. A great way to ease into the idea of flying

A stress-free adventure that most worries those who are afraid of flying and heights. The training and safety measures of your experienced crew will certainly help you. A soft take-off and a high climb, as well as an accurate landing, will calm all your fears, because you will have only a place where you can relax and marvel at the magical feeling of flying, which only hot air ballooning can give.


3. Fantastic sights

If you got into a speeding aircraft, you could fly too fast even to see how beautiful it is. If you have been hoisted into the air, harnessed to a parachute and towed by a boat, your views may be limited to areas of water. They are all wonderful outdoor activities that make you in the air. But most often adrenaline simply hides the beauty of the landscape behind this undeniable pleasure.

4. Be a part of aviation history

Hot air balloons had come a long way, starting with the history of aviation, when a person spent countless hours dreaming about flying. Aviation is the simplest, but the most magnificent show. Activity is full of rich heritage and nostalgia.

5. A great way to communicate with interesting people

What is common between being in a wicker basket for an hour and with people of different nationalities, different cultures? Nothing. Unless you put both into a hot air balloon, then you will find so much in common. This activity is so incredible that you will find a magical flight. It connects cultures, nationalities and overcomes language barriers.

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