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Everyone knows what is hotel that is located in the middle of a lively metropolis, surrounded or standing on buildings that stretch high in the cityscape. Sumptuous interiors, spacious rooms and breathtaking furnishings are all there for the traveler to see once he or she steps inside the hotel’s confines. These are really worthy temporary abodes for discerning travelers.

However, it is not the only type of hotel that exists. As with any other industry, the hotel industry is keen to identify market demands as well as any alternative in order to carve out an important niche. This is why there are also many types of hotels and other types of accommodation, all for the traveler. Consumers, as many experts say, like to have options. Travelers are no exception.

First mention the hotels, and most likely people will imagine the large structures that are full of light and ooze with luxury. The next thing that would come to my mind is probably the budget hotel. These hotels are smaller and probably a step or two less in terms of luxury and quality of accommodation. Still, they should be able to provide adequate quality and, ultimately, comfort and functionality at a more affordable price for budget-conscious travelers.


Condo hotels, also less commonly known as hotel condos, have also been gaining popularity recently. Each condominium unit operates in the same way as normal condominiums, except for one important difference: the owners of the units have the prerogative to allow the management of the establishment to rent the room when the owners do not use. In this way, the unit acts as a more or less permanent holiday home and then as a source of income!

The so-called hostel is another economical alternative, with an additional incentive. These relatively cheaper establishments also offer an outlet for socialization. In fact, hostels have a common set-up, usually in the form of a dormitory-style room with bunk beds. Youth hostels are not only run by corporations, but can also be run by charities and other housing associations. Hostels are also known for their short-term stay deals, which provide travelers with additional flexibility if they only need a few hours to rest before moving on to another destination.

Inns are common elements in fantasy stories and epics, and they continue to be popular establishments in the modern world. These establishments not only offer affordable accommodation, but they also serve as a way-station for many travelers who need to stop and grab a bite to eat.

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