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A hub, also known as a network hub, is a common connection point for connecting devices in a network. It serves as a single point of connection for all devices linked to a hub. There are multiple ports on the hub. When a packet arrives at one port, it may be seen by all network segments since it is replicated to the other ports.

A network hub, unlike a network switch or router, has no routing tables or intelligence and is used to transfer information and broadcast all network data across all connections.

Although most hubs can identify network issues or faults such as collisions, broadcasting all data to several ports might be a security concern and cause bottlenecks.


In the past, network hubs were popular since they were less expensive than a switch or router. Switches are far less expensive than hubs these days, and they give a superior solution for any network. Furthermore, because it is a dumb device, a hub has no IP address.

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