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AM General began marketing a civilian variant of the M998 Humvee in 1992, and the Hummer brand of vehicles and SUVs was born. Despite being retired in 2010, Hummer will be reintroduced as a GMC sub-brand starting in 2021. General Motors (GM) bought the Hummer brand from AM General in 1998. They sold three vehicles: the original Hummer H1, which was based on the military Humvee, and the subsequent H2 and H3 versions, which were built on smaller, civilian-market GM chassis.

By 2008, the economic slump has cast doubt on Hummer’s viability. Rather than being handed to the Motors Liquidation Company as part of GM’s bankruptcy in 2009, the company kept the brand so that it might be sold. No final agreement was reached, and Hummer showrooms began to close in 2010. The moniker reappeared ten years later in 2020, but this time as two models: an electric pickup truck and SUV offered under the GMC brand as the “GMC Hummer EV.” The production EV is expected to debut in the fall of 2021.

Since the late 1980s, AM General has planned to market a civilian version of their Humvee. The civilian Hummers were finished in automotive gloss paint. They added passenger car enhancements such as air conditioning, sound insulation, upgraded upholstery, stereo systems, wood trim, and convenience packages, despite having the same structure and mechanical components the military Hummers. Arnold Schwarzenegger, who spotted an Army convoy while filming Kindergarten Cop in Oregon and began campaigning and lobbying for a civilian version to be offered on the market, was a driving force behind the civilian variant.


AM General surrendered the brand name to General Motors in December 1999, but continues to produce the automobiles. General Motors was in charge of marketing and distribution for all civilian Hummers built by AM General. Shortly after, GM released two new models of its own design, the H2 and H3, and renamed the original H1. AM General continued to make the H1 until it was phased out in 2006, and GM hired them to construct the H2. The H3 shared the GMT-355 chassis with the Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon trucks and was produced in Shreveport, Louisiana (modified and designated GMT-345). The Hummer dealership buildings had an enormous half-Quonset Hut style roof, which was inspired by the brand’s military roots.

By 2006, the Hummer was being exported and marketed in 33 countries through importers and distributors. On October 10, 2006, GM began building the Hummer H3 for foreign markets at its Port Elizabeth factory in South Africa. Initially, only left-hand drive Hummers were produced, but right-hand drive variants were added and sold to Australia and other markets.

Starting in 2006 and concluding in 2009, Avtotor assembled the H2 in Kaliningrad, Russia. The facility only manufactured a few hundred automobiles each year, and its output was confined to local consumption through five Russian dealers.

Rick Wagoner, GM’s CEO at the time, indicated the brand was being examined and might be sold, have the manufacturing line entirely rebuilt, or be cancelled on June 3, 2008, one day before the company’s annual shareholder meeting. This was owing to lower demand for big SUVs as a result of rising gasoline prices. A couple of Indian manufacturers, notably Mahindra & Mahindra, indicated interest in buying all or part of Hummer almost immediately following the announcement.

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