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Ice milk, often known as iced milk, is a frozen delicacy that has less than 10% milk fat and the same amount of sweetness as ice cream. Ice milk is often less expensive than ice cream.

The United States Food and Drug Administration changed its standards in 1994, allowing ice milk to be branded as low-fat ice cream.

A frozen dessert is one that is produced by freezing liquids, semi-solids, and even solids. They can be made using flavored water (shave ice, ice pops, sorbet, and snow cones), fruit purées (like sorbet), milk and cream (most ice creams), custard (frozen custard and other ice creams), mousse (semifreddo), and other ingredients. In South Asia and other nations, it is sometimes offered as ice cream.


In Canada and internationally, the word is frequently applied to ice cream imitations that do not meet the legal criteria (e.g., mellorine).

In India, several companies, such as Hindustan Unilever, sell frozen desserts produced with vegetable oils instead of pure milk. According to Indian rules, ice cream prepared from milk solids but including non-dairy fat is classified as a frozen treat.

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