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Drinking ice water is a popular idea among weight-loss advocates because your body has to burn calories to raise the temperature of the water or any other cold liquid you drink. Cold beer drinkers take note. There is a lot of discussion between cold water and hot water and whether you really burn more calories. So what’s the scoop?

A calorie is a unit of heat energy it takes to raise the temperature of a gram of water, a degree centigrade. This is called a “small calorie.” The dietary calories we talk about when we talk about our weight are different. Because a regular calorie is such a small amount, science has created a new definition of calories for a food called K Calories, or a thousand small calories. These are the calories that we count and those that park on our buttocks or our belly in the form of fat.

The point is, yes, your body burns calories to raise the temperature of a liquid to your core temperature of 98.6 degrees. If the liquid is typical tap water at around 54 degrees Fahrenheit, it will take about eight calories to bring the liquid to your body temperature. Therefore, if you drink eight glasses of water each day, regardless of other factors, your body will burn 64 calories to do so, or nearly 2,000 calories per month. Using these numbers, you should burn about a pound every 54 days by drinking 435 8-ounce glasses of water. That equates to around 6 pounds a year, nothing to sneeze at.

Switching to ice-cold water to around 33 degrees will burn about 1/4 more calories than just drinking tap water. So technically, you should burn an additional 500 calories each month by switching to ice water. This equates to about 2 pounds a year that you would lose by drinking water colder than tap water.

These two extra pounds depend on the consumption of 8 glasses of ice water each day of the year, and if the water exceeds this temperature, the calories burned decrease. If you are one of those who carry a bottle of water all day, this water probably gets even hotter than tap water, so the calories burned and the weight loss effect are even less.

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