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Anthony Edward “Tony” Stark, simply known as Tony Stark, as well known as the famous super-hero named Iron Man, a character that appears in the trilogy of films Iron Man and the Avengers movie. He was portrayed by actor Robert Downey Jr., and based on the character of the same name in the comics.

He’s a billionaire, genius, playboy and philanthropist. He is well known as the Iron Man, owner of Stark Industries, is its CEO, lives in his house in Malibu, and is also one of the founders and a leading member of the Avengers. In addition, the relationship with the girlfriend Pepper Potts.

Tony is a middle-aged man of average height. He is an American, he has a Caucasian skin and brown eyes. His hair is black, which are mainly kept in the rough-edged, in some cases, especially when when he works.


He is very well maintained, when it comes to special occasions and wears very formal clothes or just a way that corresponds to his wealth. Tony has a mustache, which extends all the way down to his cheeks, and then straight on his chin making a closed shape with a small beard, and his upper jaw.

In the film, Tony was seen wearing many types of clothing and suit. One after the other can be known Black Sabbath shirt black shirt with the name of the famous old band called Black Sabbath, which is a music band in the real world.

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