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Jafar is a fictional character in the 31st animated feature film Aladdin (1992) from Walt Disney Pictures. He is voiced by American actor Jonathan Freeman, who also played the character in the Broadway musical adaptation. An inspiration for the character is the villain Jafar, played by Conrad Veidt in The Thief of Bagdad, from which Aladdin borrows several character ideas and elements of the plot. Disney’s Aladdin Jafar plays essentially the same role as the character in the 1940 film and is drawn with notable similarity to the appearance of Conrad Veidt. He also appears in the sequel. He never appears in the third film and the television series.

  • Creator: Andreas Deja
  • Children: Jay
  • Movies and TV shows: Aladdin (2019), Aladdin (1992)
  • Parrot: Iago
  • Species: Jinn (for the rest of 1992 film and the 2019 remake, and future installments)

Host Andreas Deja decided to design Jafar in a way that contrasted with the other characters, with many vertical lines against the curvy designs based on Al Hirschfeld. Jonathan Freeman, whom composers Alan Menken and Howard Ashman met during his audition for Little Shop of Horrors and who had previously invited Freeman to audition for both The Little Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast, said that the was what really interested him in the role. He said that “once I saw those heavy eyes, that long, narrow face, I knew Jafar was going to be something really special.” He was the first cast actor and spent a year and nine months recording dialogues; he remained for months without any other actor to interact, and then interrupted the theater tours to go to Los Angeles and record newly written lines. When Deja first met Freeman, he was surprised to see the lack of physical similarity with the character, but included some of Freeman’s action and gestures in the animation of Jafar.

In Aladdin, Jafar is the Grand Vizier of Agrabah, the most reliable adviser to the Sultan. He is also an evil wizard. Jafar secretly plots to obtain the magic oil lamp of the genie and rule Agrabah. At the start of the film, Aladdin is imprisoned in the dungeons of the palace, as arranged by Jafar because of his influence on the guards. He lies to Princess Jasmine claiming that Aladdin has already been executed when he claims to be shocked to have mistakenly believed that Aladdin had abducted him. Jafar (disguised as another prisoner) approaches Aladdin, striking a deal with him. In exchange for Aladdin’s help in retrieving the lamp from the cave of wonders, Jafar reveals an escape route from the prison and promises him a reward if he succeeds, it is soon revealed that the reward is death.

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