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The deuteragonist of Adventure Time is Jake (full title: Jake the Dog). He is Finn’s constant companion, greatest buddy, and adopted brother. He is a dog/shape-shifter hybrid, affectionately known as a “magical dog” by others.

Innumerable times during Jake and Finn’s escapades, Jake’s special set of talents known as Stretchy Power and influence allow him to change the form and size of his body”came in helpful.

Jake, who made his debut in “magical dog years” at the age of 28, matures over the course of the series even though he rarely displays mature behavior. In “Dungeon Train,” an elderly Jake serves as evidence that magical canines have a comparable lifetime to humans.

However, it is still unclear how exactly magical dog years correspond to human years. Although Finn and Jake were both shown to be babies at about the same time, indicating that they age slightly more quickly, his age as of “Joshua and Margaret Investigations” suggests that it eventually slows down to the rate at which humans age. By “Jake the Dad,” Jake and Lady Rainicorn are the parents of five Pups and are presently involved.


Jake has the ability to transform into a variety of fantastical forms, although he usually appears as a medium-sized yellow-orange bulldog. He wears translucent trousers made of pixie-made spider webs, as was made clear in “Donny.” He takes Marceline’s clothes from “It Came from the Nightosphere” to wear in “What Was Missing.”

He seemed very much like he does now in the animated short, although his eyes remained constant throughout the episode and his hands had no fingers until when he was meditating.

Jake’s design was more sleek and slender in earlier seasons, but as the show went on, he grew more textured and bulbous to give him a more realistic appearance.

He claims in “The Silent King” that his insides smell like vanilla because of a curse that a wizard put on him at some point before the series started.

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