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JCB is a very large family business, founded in 1945 by J. K. Bamford. The name JCB has become synonymous with engineering vehicles such as excavators and tractors, which are immediately recognizable by the black and yellow color scheme.


As a global manufacturer, JCB employees more than 11,000 people, has 22 factories, operates in 150 countries around the world; allowing them to distribute over 300 products including diggers (backhoes), excavators, tractors and diesel engines. JCB has 750+ dealers worldwide and is widely recognized as a market leader in the industry.

Backhoe Loader

Since its invention by Joseph Bamford in 1953, a backhoe loader is an extremely successful and popular tool for solving many engineering problems. Although it mainly consists of a tractor with a front mounted bucket and a rear mounted excavator, an excavator is never called a tractor. Using both an excavator bucket and an excavator, a loader can help with many jobs, including construction, earthworks, landscaping and road surfaces.

JCB offers a wide selection of backhoe loaders in its CX range, varying in size and capabilities.


A backhoe (a.k.a. rear actor or back actor) consists of a articulated arm (now hydraulically driven) and a excavating bucket attached at the end. The digging bucket is usually smaller than the front loading bucket, but thanks to the maneuverability provided by hand, it is much more flexible.



While excavators are ideal for use in small projects and closed spaces, such as urban projects, larger tasks require an excavator. The excavator consists of a rotating cab mounted on a wheeled chassis. Exit from the cockpit is a hinged shoulder, similar to an excavator, albeit in a larger size.


Given the size and weight of some excavators, they are not very suitable for small scale, such as backhoe loaders. To remedy this mini-diggers have been introduced. At just 2 to 6 tonnes and usually rotate 360 ​​degrees around the tracked undercarriage. They are ideal for projects in enclosed spaces, such as trenches, ponds and landscaping, where high mobility is required. Other advantages of using mini-excavators are lower rental and operating costs, simpler handling and easier replacement of attachments and accessories.

JCB Parts

With so many hinged and interchangeable parts, and despite JCB’s outstanding reputation for high-quality products and hard wearing components, JCB spare parts and components are inevitable over time. Fortunately, the nature of these parts means that they are easily accessible and relatively easy to change.

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