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The history of jewelry over time is not so much a story of human vanity as a reflection of the evolution of human societies and the urge of people to create symbols and beauty.

Jewels Across Time

There are signs that people wore jewelry from a very early time as a personal decoration. They were originally made from materials readily available in nature, such as shells, animal bones, or teeth. Over time, people learned to work with various stones and metals, including gold and precious stones, which were especially valued in jewelry. Our ancestors were incredibly gifted jewelers, and the beauty and splendor of old gemstones still captivate us, which clearly demonstrates the interest shown in jewelry exhibits in museums or in route exhibitions, for example, on the Inca Gold or treasures from Egyptian tombs.

Using precious metals such as gold or precious stones such as diamonds, precious stones have become tangible signs of wealth, power and public order. At different times, as in the Middle Ages, laws were passed on who is allowed to wear jewelry, which in itself illustrates the social significance attached to jewelry.

The concept of crown jewelry was created during the Renaissance when the French king Francois 1st declared eight beautiful objects as inalienable heirlooms of French kings. Similar legislation in other countries soon laid the ground for the treasures of European royal families.

19th and 20th century, a Turning Point

The use and value of gemstones changed dramatically in the 19th century due to social, technological and cultural factors.

New social code. Prior to this, men wore the same luxurious jewelry as women. Similarly, they had gems, pearls, and gold and silver threads sawed in their clothes. However, around the 19th century, the social code required more sober dress code for men. In addition, around the same period, a much clearer differentiation was introduced between day and evening jewels, the most sumptuous being reserved for evenings and galas.

A new technology – the industrial revolution made possible the mass production of jewelry of both high and low quality, as a result of which jewelry was within the economic grasp of a much larger part of the population. This, in turn, led to a more relaxed relation to jewels acquired at a lower price and easily replaced by new collections for fast-changing fashion.

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