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There are many different styles of martial arts, and the most popular is martial art Karate. What defines martial art karate, among others, is how and why it was developed. It developed the basic need for survival by peaceful people and became a way of life. Karate becomes the official martial art that develops in Okinawa as a way of protecting culture from armed warriors.

Martial art “Karate” in its pure form is the art of self-defense without weapons. It consists of punches, kicks, and strikes executed in circular or linear movements and striking motions. Combining these techniques with proper breathing and body position, forming animal-like stances, karate becomes a self-defense system worthy of protection against an armed or unarmed assailant or assailants.

Karate Originated in China

With roots in China, karate becomes a martial art, able to withstand any competitive challenges. Many methods and philosophies for self-defense in the Okinawa military systems derive from the original form of Shaolin Kung Fu. The people of Okinawa made small changes to concentrate on strength, which will focus on inflicting injuries to opponents wearing armor.


As karate develops around the practitioner’s strengths, some methods have changed from the original Kung Fu techniques to adapt to the physics of the Okinawan people and terrain of Okinawa.

The advantage of martial arts is that it builds very strong bodies. A practitioner not only develops strength in the body but also in mind. This keeps the Karate practitioner young and healthy.

Modern karate has become a mixture of many martial arts. Traditionally, there were only two types of kicks – the back kick and the front kick. Today you will find almost all types of karate, which are most likely influenced by sports karate. Karate was never meant to be a sport, but only for use in the clashes between life and death.

Understanding one thing about the martial art of karate, practiced techniques and, when properly executed, can bring tremendous power, making it an effective system of self-defense for everyone, regardless of their size or gender.

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