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A vine is any plant that has a habit of trailing to hold or scandent stems, lianas or runners. The word vine can also refer to such stems or the stems or runners themselves, for example, when used in wicker work.

Some plants always grow like vines, and some grow like vineyards only a fraction of the time. For example, poison ivy and bitter-sweet can grow like shrubs when support is not available, but will become a vine when there is support.

Tendril Vine

In botany, a tendril is a specialized stem, leaf or stalk with a filamentous shape, which is used by climbing plants to help attach and penetrate parasitic plants, generally by twining around suitable hosts found by touch. They have no lamina or blade, but they can photosynthesize. They can be formed from modified shoots, modified leaves or auxiliary branches and are sensitive to chemicals, often determining the direction of growth, as is the case with Cuscuta.

Liana Vine

Liana is one of a variety of vines with long stems that rotate in soil at ground level and use trees, as well as other vertical auxiliary tools, to climb the canopy to access well-lit forest areas. Lianas are characteristic of tropical tropical deciduous forests (especially for seasonal forests), but can be found in temperate forests. There are also moderate vines, such as members of the Clematis or Vitis families (wild grapes).

Liana can form bridges on the forest roof, providing arboreal animals with paths across the forest. These bridges can protect weak trees from strong winds. Liana competes with forest trees for sunlight, water and nutrients from the soil. Forests without lianas grow 150% more fruits; trees with lianas are twice as likely to die.

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