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Kantai Collection, often known as KanColle, is a free-to-play web browser game created by Kadokawa Games and released by DMM.com in Japan.

The game’s core premise is the portrayal of World War II warships as adolescent girls and young adult women with personality traits that reflect each ship’s history. Originally, all of them were Japanese ships, but as the game progressed, ships from other countries were included. All facets of naval warfare are included in the game, including combat, maintenance, repair, upgrade, resupply, morale, logistics, and mission planning.

On April 23, 2013, the game was released. The game is only accessible in Japan as of April 2015, with 3 million registered users. In 2016, the original game’s Android client was published. The game has grown into a considerably bigger media brand, with many manga series and light novels, as well as an officially licensed tabletop role-playing game, being produced. In February 2016, a PlayStation Vita game was launched, and an anime television series aired its first season from January to March 2015, followed by an animated film in November 2016 and the announcement of a second season in 2019.

The game revolves around assembling squadrons made up of individual characters depicted as cards with various traits, and then dispatching those squadrons on missions. Each figure is an anthropomorphic representation of a World War II navy cruiser represented as a pretty female known as a “Fleet girl” (kanmusu). The physical characteristics, appearances, and personalities of each of the girls correspond in some way to the real-life vessel, which is explained in detail within the game; the physical characteristics, appearances, and personalities of each of the girls correlate in some way to the real-life vessel, which is explained in detail within the game (for example, ships with a larger displacement tonnage such as cruisers, battleships and aircraft carriers are usually depicted as young women, while smaller ships such as destroyers and coastal defense ships look and behave like pubescent girls, with a few exceptions). The great majority of these fleet girls were modeled on Imperial Japanese Navy ships, with a few being based on warships from other navies, including three from the Imperial Japanese Army. Kriegsmarine, Regia Marina, United States Navy, Royal Navy, Soviet Navy, Marine Nationale, Svenska Marinen, Royal Australian Navy, and Koninklijke Marine are among the foreign navies currently featured in the game. In order to win, the player assumes the role of an admiral (teitoku) and arranges their fleets in combat. Combat is mostly automated, and the player’s only manual actions are micromanagement tasks like constructing and repairing. Up to four separate fleets can be organized by the player.

The player advances through the game by moving across areas, grinding for experience points, acquiring new fleet ladies while repairing and resupplying old ones, and completing tasks for resources. New equipment may be created, allowing the fleet females to equip various weapons according on the scenario. The player can acquire new kanmusu through drops on the map or by crafting, and it is highly RNG-based; randomness is also a crucial component of the fighting system, map advancement, and equipment growth. Ships require four types of resources for construction, replenishment, and repair: gasoline, ammunition, steel, and bauxite; these supplies will steadily rise as time goes. Players may also improve their supplies by participating in excursions, sorties, and missions.

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