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A kick scooter is a human-powered street vehicle that features a handlebar, deck, and wheels driven by the rider pushing off the ground. Aluminum, titanium, and steel are the most popular materials used in today’s scooters. Some kick scooters designed for younger children have three to four wheels (though most have two), are constructed of plastic, and do not fold. Kickbikes with high performance are also available.

Motorized scooters are self-propelled kick scooters that can reach speeds of approximately 30 km/h and are driven by gas engines or, more recently, electric motors (19 mph).

Since the 1920s or earlier, kick scooters have been handcrafted in industrialized cities across Europe and the United States, typically as toys for children to ride about on the streets. Attaching roller skate wheelsets to a board with a handle, generally an old box, is a frequent home-made variation. Riders can turn by leaning or utilizing a second board with a rudimentary pivot. The wheels were 3″4 inch (75″100 mm) in diameter and had steel ball bearings. Like that of a “real” car, a loud noise was an added benefit of this design. An alternate structure is one steel clamp on a roller skate separated into front and back portions and linked to a wood beam.

In Paris, Berlin, and Leipzig in 1930, 1948, and 1951, both homemade and produced children’s scooters were used and even raced, according to the German Bundesarchiv for “roller.” They look like later designs.

Steel scooters with two tiny bicycle wheels were more frequent before bicycles became popular among youngsters. Many BMX manufacturers, like as Scoot, began producing BMX-style scooters about 1987. Some scooter manufacturers remained in operation after those companies went out of business. Some are still utilized in congested metropolitan areas for utility reasons since they are quicker than a folding scooter and more handy than a utility bicycle.

Some are classified as mountain scooters since they are designed for off-road use. In addition to commuting, sports competition, and off-road use, big wheel scooters are popular for dog scootering, a sport in which a single or team of dogs, such as huskies, pull a scooter and its rider over snow like a sled. Because some Amish are not permitted to use bicycles, they instead ride scooters. Kicksled variants with scooter design characteristics, such as the Kickspark, are now available.

Wim Ouboter of Micro Mobility Systems in Switzerland invented a foldable aluminum scooter with inline skate wheels in 1996. “Micro Skate Scooter,” “Razor,” and “JDBUG/JDRAZOR MS-130A” were all names for the scooter. The Razor was first launched to Japan in 1999, and many of its early users were young Japanese who utilized it as a portable mode of transportation. It eventually became a worldwide craze, with tiny scooters becoming popular children’s toys.

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