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When it comes to outdoor activities, you cannot beat a day of flying kites. However, due to the fact that there is plenty to choose from, many beginner flying kites often ask what is best to buy for this adventure outdoors. The following information includes categories and descriptions to help new fliers choose what may be best for their experience.

Diamond Kite

Diamond Kite is best known because of Benjamin Franklin. Due to the shape of the diamond, this kite needs a tail in order to be stable. These kites move a lot in the sky with all their dipping and dives, but even with their erratic flight, they can be controlled by pulling the string. If you consider yourself a traditionalist, diamond kites are a good choice for you. They come in different colors and even various cartoon characters that are interesting for children of all ages.

Delta Kite

Delta kites are just a big delta-shaped three-sided kite with a very wide base. With a delta, a high flying with many tails and spinners creates a colorful site for viewing. Due to the large flat surface, designers can apply or add great graphics for these kites.

Dragon Kite

Dragon Kites is easy to launch and fun to fly. When you see a dragon kite flying in the sky, they attract a lot of attention due to the never-ending length of their waving tails. Many of these tails are twenty to one hundred feet long and an interesting sight to see.

Box Kite

Box Kites and Cellular Kites are very popular, and yet they need a little extra wind to create their rotation and movement in the sky. Due to the many unusual shapes, these kites have more parts to assemble, and it takes longer time to set up, but it’s worth it when you see them fly and rotate. With a good steady breeze, it is a lot of fun and is found among many serious kite lovers.

Parafoil Kite

Parafoil Kites are very popular because they do not have real rods or frames, and they can be very easily packed in small pouches to travel anywhere. Large parafoils have great pulling power, and although they are great for exercising your arms or shoulders, they should not be used by a smaller younger flyer.

Stunt Kite

Stunt Kite is also known as a sport, trick, or performance kite. These double kites or even quadrilateral kites have become very popular in the last few years.

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