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Do you plan to adopting a kitten or find one on your doorstep this morning as a new kitten can be fun and challenging experience. Kittens are cute, soft and very fun to watch, but they are babies and as they have children need. With the knowledge and preparation to bringing home your baby kitten can be a great experience for both of you.

Best kitten needs are food, water and litter box. Kittens need higher levels of protein than adult cats, so they will need food formulated for kittens in the first year. Water is easier to just raid your cupboard for a small shallow dish, until you can find a suitable at a pet store or online.

Next your cat will need a litter box, a short is a good idea to begin with. I also strongly recommend that you avoid clumping kitty litter because kittens can absorb it by licking or otherwise, and it is destined to become a solid lump. Unfortunately, there are reports of kittens ingesting clumping kitty litter and having symptoms such as vomiting a yellow foam, diarrhea and even death.


See non-clumping clay cat liter, which made from recycled newspapers, corn or wheat. There may be other organic options are available at your local pet store as well.

Another nice item for your new kitten is a soft warm bed, it can also be homemade or store bought. Kitten love to be in enclosed, such as baskets or boxes. To help them transition more easily include a soft position from their former home. You may find that their favorite place, lying on a shirt that has your scent. Cats originally come from pride and lie together in a group, so a piece of clothing with your scent makes them feel that they are in a group. This is particularly important for a kitten, which has just been removed from their family unit.

Bringing a new kitten in your home is a wonderful experience. Knowledge and planning will make the transition of a kitten into your life make smoother and more enjoyable.

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