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The Moscow Kremlin, or simply the Kremlin, is a fortified structure in the heart of Moscow built by the Rurikids, Russia’s royal dynasty. It has five palaces, four churches, and the encircling Kremlin Wall with Kremlin towers, and is the most well-known of the kremlins. The Grand Kremlin Palace, which was originally the Tsar’s Moscow home, is also located inside this complex. The structure presently serves as the President of the Russian Federation’s official home as well as a museum, with almost 3 million visitors in 2017. To the south, the Moskva River, to the east, Saint Basil’s Cathedral and Red Square, and to the west, the Alexander Garden.

The word “Kremlin” means “fortress inside a city,” and it is frequently used metonymically to refer to the Russian Federation’s government in the same way that “White House” refers to the President of the United States’ Executive Office. It originally referred to the Soviet Union’s administration (1922″1991) and its top officials (such as general secretaries, premiers, presidents, ministers, and commissars). The study of Soviet and Russian politics is known as “Kremlinology.”

The Kremlin is available to the public and offers guided tours for individuals and groups. The Armoury Chamber, the Tsar Cannon, the Tsar Bell, artillery pieces, and a display of Russian woodwork sculpture and carvings are all visible.

Italian experts constructed the current Kremlin walls and towers between 1485 and 1495. The Kremlin wall’s uneven triangle encloses an area of 275,000 square meters (2,960,000 sq ft). Its entire length is 2,235 meters (2,444 yards), although the height varies depending on the terrain from 5 to 19 meters (16 to 62 feet). The thickness of the wall varies between 3.5 and 6.5 meters (11 and 21 ft).

Originally, there were eighteen Kremlin towers, but by the 17th century, there were twenty. Except for three, all of the towers have a square layout. The Troitskaya is the tallest tower, standing at 80 meters (260 feet) tall. It was erected in 1495. Originally, wooden tents were affixed to the tops of most towers. The surviving brick tents with colorful tile strips date from the 1680s.

The Kremlin’s heart is Cathedral Square. Six structures surround it, including three cathedrals. In 1479, the Cathedral of the Dormition, Moscow’s principal cathedral, was constructed, and it was here that all Tsars were crowned. Aristotele Fioravanti designed the enormous limestone façade, which is topped with five golden cupolas. Peter and Makarii are among the great metropolitans and patriarchs buried there. The gilded, three-domed Cathedral of the Annunciation followed in 1489, only to be restored a century later to a nine-domed style. The considerably bigger Cathedral of the Archangel Michael (1508) is located to the south-east of the plaza, and it houses the tombs of virtually all Muscovite rulers from Ivan Kalita through Ivan V of Russia. (Originally, Boris Godunov was buried there, but he was relocated to the Trinity Monastery.)

The Church of the Twelve Apostles (1653″1656) and the beautiful one-domed Church of the Deposition of the Virgin’s Robe, erected by Pskov artisans from 1484 to 1488 and containing excellent icons and paintings from 1627 and 1644, are two home churches of the Metropolitans and Patriarchs of Moscow.

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