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Kusama is a network created as a high-risk, fast-moving “canary in the coal mine” for Polkadot, its cousin. It’s a living platform designed to let change agents reclaim power, stimulate innovation, and upend the existing quo.

It is a scalable network of specialised blockchains created with Substrate and the Polkadot codebase. The network provides an experimental development environment for organisations looking to move quickly and innovate on Kusama, or prepare for Polkadot deployment.

Gavin Wood, the founder of Polkadot and the co-founder and former CTO of Ethereum, created Kusama in 2019.

Fast Iteration

Ship your stuff as soon as possible. Kusama’s risk-taking and agile mindset enable developers to move quickly through the governance and upgrade process, allowing for rapid advancement and growth.

Low Economic Barriers

With minimal entry hurdles, you may start your own bespoke blockchain (parachain) project. Ideal for lean businesses that want to iterate quickly.

Advanced Technology

Build on a next-generation, sharded, multichain network while experimenting with new features before they’re officially released on Polkadot.


Open Governance

Kusama is owned and run by a community of network users who vote on and manage the network’s growth. Make your impact on the network’s growth by speaking up.

Engaged Community

For your parachain, parathread, or dApp, take advantage of Polkadot’s worldwide brand and development community.

Valuable Experience

Start growing your community and brand on Kusama before deploying to Polkadot for teams wanting to transfer to Polkadot after fine-tuning on Kusama.

Polkadot developer Gavin Wood said on his blog on July 16, 2019, that an experimental, early version of Polkadot named Kusama would be released in Summer 2019 as a test environment. The KSM, Kusama’s native token, is issued in conjunction with the issuance of DOTs, Polkadot’s native tokens.

CoinFLEX is the first exchange to provide DOTs as an initial futures opening (IFO). CoinFLEX arranges and publicises both the main and secondary trading of tokens before they are published on the blockchain in an IFO. The DOT IFO was set for July 17, the day after Wood’s Kusama blog post.

The first contender for the Polkadot mainnet, “CC1,” debuted in May 2020. “Before it formally switches to mainnet, there might be more than one chain candidate,” said Peter Mauric, manager of public affairs at Parity Technologies, a consortium of blockchain developers chaired by Wood.

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