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L, is the twelfth letter of the alphabet. The forerunners of this letter are the Semitic lamedh, which may come from an earlier symbol depicting an ox goad and the Greek lambda (λ). The form that appeared on the Moabite stone was rounded. Other Greek forms occur in early inscriptions from Attica and Corinth.

The first of these is distributed in the Chalcidian alphabet, and the Etruscan form was similar. Thus, the Latin and phallic alphabet are derived from their L-form, the oblique stroke becoming horizontal. The modern form of L comes from Latin.

In a uncial writing from the 7th century or earlier, a vertical stroke was rises above the line. In the Latin cursive of the 6th century, I look like a rounded form, and this is the parent of the Carolingian form, from which the real rounded, minor or straight form is obtained.


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