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A laboratory is a building that allows scientists and engineers to conduct scientific or technical studies, experiments, and measurements under controlled conditions. Laboratory services are available in several locations, including doctor’s offices, clinics, hospitals, and regional and national referral centers.

The different requirements of the professionals operating inside laboratories affect the organization and content of laboratories. A particle accelerator or vacuum chamber may be found in a physics lab, whereas a metallurgy lab would feature equipment for casting, refining, or evaluating the strength of metals. A wet laboratory is used by chemists and biologists, whereas a psychologist’s laboratory is a room with one-way mirrors and concealed cameras to monitor behavior.

Computers (often supercomputers) are employed in some laboratories, such as computer scientists, for either simulations or data processing. Scientists in other disciplines will use different sorts of laboratories. Engineers utilize laboratories to create, test, and improve technical equipment.

Scientific labs can be found at schools and colleges, business, government, and military establishments, and even aboard ships and spacecraft as research and learning areas.

Despite the fundamental concept of the lab as a limited area for specialists, the word “laboratory” is increasingly being extended to workshop spaces such as Living Labs, Fab Labs, or Hackerspaces, where individuals congregate to work on social issues or prototypes, collaborate, and share resources.


This development is based on user-centered design methodologies and concepts such as Open Innovation and User innovation, inspired by innovative, participatory approaches to research and innovation. The phenomenon of translation, driven by the diverse backgrounds and degrees of competence of the people participating, is a distinguishing aspect of work in Open Labs.

Alchemy and the production of medicines were two of the first “laboratories” mentioned in English.

During World War II, Big Science expanded the capacity of labs and scientific equipment by introducing particle accelerators and other comparable technologies.

According to current evidence, the oldest laboratory was a home laboratory of Pythagoras of Samos, a well-known Greek philosopher, and scientist. When Pythagoras experimented on sound tones and string vibrations, he constructed this laboratory.

In an 1885 picture by Albert Edelfelt, Louis Pasteur compares a letter in his left hand with a vial filled with a solid in his right hand, without any personal protective equipment.

The practice of researching groups began in the nineteenth century, and the twentieth century saw several new types of equipment development.

In the year 2002, a 16th-century subterranean alchemical laboratory was unintentionally uncovered. The owner was said to be Holy Roman Emperor Rudolf II. The laboratory, known as Speculum Alchemiae, is now a museum in Prague.

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