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The lantern is a portable light source, usually incorporating a protective light source housing – usually a candle or wick in oil – to facilitate carry and hang up, and improving reliability in open or indoor space.

Lanterns are made of a metal frame with several sides (usually four, but not more than eight), with a hook or a metal hoop on top. Windows of some translucent material would be fitted in the sides, now usually glass or plastic, but earlier there were thin sheets of animal horn or tinplate punched with holes or decorative motifs; although some antique lanterns have only a metal grille.

Lanterns can also be used to signalling, as torches, or as common outdoor light sources. Low-light-level varieties can act as decorations and can be of different colours and sizes. The term lantern is also commonly used to refer to a light source.

Lanterns, some of which use oil wicks, others essentially protected candlesticks, were functionally used for lighting, and not for decoration from ancient times. Before the production of glass sheets, animal horn scraped thin and flattened, was used as a translucent window.


Decorative lights exist in a wide range of designs. Some hang from buildings, while others are on the ground or just above the ground. Paper lanterns are produced in societies around the world. Modern varieties often place electric light in decorative glass.

The ancient Chinese sometimes caught fireflies in transparent or translucent containers and used them as (short-term) lanterns. Raise the Red Lantern, a Chinese film that has lanterns as a motif. Lanterns are used in many Asian festivals. During the Ghost Festival, lotus-shaped fans were placed in rivers and seas to symbolize the lost souls of forgotten predecessors of the afterlife. During the Fan Festival, the celebration of many lanterns is still common on the 15th day of the first lunar month in China. At other Chinese festivals, one can see kongming lanterns floating high in the sky during Chinese holidays. Lanterns are the central theme of the Seoul Fans Festival.

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