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Lens flare is created when light that does not form an image enters the lens and then hits the camera’s film or digital sensor. This often looks like a characteristic polygonal shape with sides that depend on the shape of the lens diaphragm. This can significantly reduce the overall contrast of the photograph and is often an undesirable artefact, but some types of flare can actually enhance the artistic value of the photograph. Understanding lens flare can help you use it or avoid it so that it is best suited to display the final image.

Lens elements often contain some kind of anti-reflective coating, which is aimed at minimizing the flare, but not a single lens completely eliminates it. Light sources still reflect a small part of their light, and this reflected light becomes visible as an attack in areas where it becomes comparable in intensity to the reflected light. Flare, which looks like a polygonal shape, is caused by light, which is reflected from the inner edges of the lens aperture.


Although the Flare is technically caused by internal reflections, it often takes a very intense light source to become significant (compared to reflected light). Flare-inducing light that can include sunlight, artificial lighting, and even the full moon. Even if the photo itself does not contain sources of intense light, the magnifier can still get into the lens if it touches the front element. Typically, the light outside the viewing angle does not affect the final image, but if this light is reflected, it may inadvertently move and reach the film/sensor.

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