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The comedic hip hop group The Lonely Island wrote and produced the song “Like a Boss,” which was published on their debut studio album Incredibad. It’s a spoof of Slim Thug’s song of the same name from his debut album, Already Platinum. The song is told by a businessman (Andy Samberg), who refers to himself as “the boss” and explains his increasingly bizarre everyday actions.

The music video debuted on Saturday Night Live as an SNL Digital Short, starring Seth Rogen. It was the subject of a lawsuit in 2011 by the song’s producers, who claimed they were never properly compensated for their labor.

Seth Rogen appears in the video, recording over Akiva Schaffer’s vocals on the tune. The video includes extra imagery not found in the song’s lyrics. It concludes with a showing of Samberg’s headstone (which has the phrase “He was da Best”) and a skeptical Rogen attempting to validate some of Samberg’s more strange incidents. Samberg attacks St. Basil’s Cathedral in the “bomb the Russians” segment.

Saturday Night Live writer John Mulaney as the worker Samberg micromanages, Casey Wilson as the woman giving Samberg the memo, Kristen Wiig as Samberg’s office crush Debra, Jason Sudeikis as Samberg’s boss, and Bill Hader as the man on whom Samberg performs fellatio make brief cameo appearances in the video. Jorma Taccone plays the man who files the case against him, and Akiva Schaffer sells him the pistol. Background dancers Abby Elliott and Bobby Moynihan may be seen in the video.


The bit where Andy holds a rifle in his mouth and whines on the NBC version of this digital short, “Oh Like A Boss PNGLike A Boss PNGLike A Boss PNGLike A Boss PNG, man, I can’t Like A Boss PNGLike A Boss PNGLike A Boss PNGLike A Boss PNGLike A Boss PNGLike A Boss PNG do it. Shit! ” Oh crap, man, I can’t effin’ do it” was condensed from “Shit!” to “Oh crap, man, I can’t effin’ do it.” Ugh!!”

The word “Like a Boss” was not commonly searched for or utilized in social context prior to the debut of the video on Saturday Night Live. Despite the fact that it was searched for before to the video’s release, the phrase obviously peaked at the time of its release, peaking on Google on April 29, 2009, with a score of 100 on the Google Trend chart.

It’s also a popular hashtag on social media sites like TwitterTumblr, and Facebook, where it’s used to describe a chore accomplished, a goal reached, or a successful activity that someone is happy of.

It’s also led to spoof videos like “Like a Bus,” in which a bus is seen speeding through traffic and frequently poor weather with little consideration for the adverse circumstances or slowing down. “Like A Boss” exceeded 100 million views on October 22, 2012. The Huffington Post and TV Guide both published the video.

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