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Lion cubs are born with black spots that eventually disappear as they grow. When it’s time to give birth the lioness leaves her pride and her cubs in a dense cover. The cubs remain hidden for one to two months before being presented with the rest of the pride.

The cubs are born at about 110 days and are born in a litter from one to six babies, although two or three cubs at a time is considered normal by the Predator Conservation Trust. These cats are born blind away from their pride, as their mothers are usually left to give birth in a safe place shortly before. The mother and cubs remain in isolation for 4-8 weeks.

Young cubs are vulnerable to a variety of predators, including hyenas, leopards, jackals, pythons and martial eagles. The mother acts as a protector, finding the safest places to hide, collecting every bit in the mouth one by one to move them. It must hunt during this time to maintain its health and milk supplies, so there are times when the cubs will be left alone.


All lion cubs in pride are associated with other small and other members of pride in some way. Females are almost always related to each other, and cubs are usually descended from one to three dominant males. Females often care about each other; and protect them from threats. Eventually, males will leave pride, while most females will remain in the family group.

The lion cub is about six months old, but will start eating meat in three months. Baby Lions get the last discharge from the kill and do not begin to hunt for themselves until they reach the age of one. Due to threats of starvation, predators and male lions, up to 80% of small lions die in the first two years.

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