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Narrated story does not change the conventional view that it was the lion who is the master among animals. People from ancient times until today have not changed that view. The majestic appearance of this animal, his shrewd eyes, noble posture, gait and proud terrible voice with which tremble all the surrounding animals – all this makes the lion a truly exceptional animal.

The male lion reach a length of 2.40 meters and weigh up to 230 kilograms. However, this does not prevent his body look slender and extremely agile. When stalking its prey, it runs completely silently. There are cases where crawling or hiding in the grass, which would hardly be able better to hide a rabbit.

Lioness caught 90% of the food while the lion prefers to rest.

The lion is the second largest predator of the cat family, but he is considered the king of the animal kingdom. Lion used as a synonym for bravery, greatness, dignity, aggressiveness, leadership.

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