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Lipstick, like its counterpart makeup has become what most women cannot live without. Women have to apply lipstick to their “face” before leaving their home and touch up throughout the day. As one of the most popular makeup products on the market, lipstick has a long history of use, which was not very good. However, overtime it has gained immense popularity among women around the world.

The French cosmetic company Guerlain made the first lipstick in 1884. At the time, lipstick was still used in the United States. However, during Roaring 20’s actresses like Sarah Bernhardt began wearing lipstick outside the theater. The film industry gave lipstick regain popularity, and women expected to wear lipstick as their patriotic duty during World War I. In the 1930s, the first beauty parlors were opened, where women could learn makeup.

Why Do So Many Women Wear Lipstick?

What is the obsession with painting lips red, when the lips are naturally pink already? During sex, blood flows throughout the body, causing redness of the lips. By painting lips with red or putting on lipstick, women can be more sexually attractive to the opposite sex. In addition, a sense of sexuality gives a woman strength and enhances her self-esteem. Therefore, women are a sex symbol in society.

Wearing lipstick is a symbol of a woman’s maturity. However, the age of femininity has been blurred over the years, and parents still object to preserving the age when girls need to start applying makeup and lipstick. Although, if one attend high school in America, there are many teenagers who use makeup. In addition, cosmetics companies advertise on the younger market. This suggests that women around the world cannot live without makeup, and most of them carry it with them every day. Thus women feel naked without their lipstick.

Nowadays, the popularity of lipstick has spread throughout the world. One can apply lipstick in different ways. Deep lipstick can be used as an eyeliner. One can apply lipstick on your cheeks and mix very well. It can be used as a face paint. Lipstick can do magic. In any festive occasion, one needs to apply lipstick very sharply and obviously matching with the draperies.

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