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The login form is used to enter credentials for accessing the page or in a form. The login form contains a field for a username and another for a password. When the login form is submitted, its main code authenticates the credentials, giving the user access to the restricted page. If the user cannot provide authentic credentials, they will not be able to proceed past the login form.

Like the search form, the login form is a record form whose properties for inserting, updating, and deleting are disabled.

Authentication Builder is the easiest and best way to create a login form, but you can manually create a login form based on the simple login form presented in the Forms section of the toolbar.

Before you can create a login form, you must configure the project security settings in the “Security” and “Security Groups” section of the “Project Settings” dialog box. These parameters define the tables and fields in the database that are used in the authentication process.


Login Form Actions

Since the login form is a scaled down version of the login form, it must have a special property that distinguishes the login form from other login forms. This special property takes the form of a login action, which is placed in the OnClick Server event on the login button located in the login form.

The login action adds code to the page. When the login button is pressed, the added code calls the CodeCharge function, which performs an authentication operation and redirects the user based on the result of the login attempt. When you create a login form using Autentication Builder, the login action is automatically added to the button. If you create the form manually, you can add the login action to the OnClick event on the login button by selecting an action from the list of available actions.

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